We started P. Terry’s with the understanding that treating our crew with care and respect would be the basis for our success.

We Do the Right Thing:

We make sure we do things right for our guests and each other, We take the time to problem-solve, but it's never about who's right and who's wrong. We find success in getting the right answer without compromising what we stand for as a business and as individuals.

We all Pitch In:

Titles don’t matter here - no job is too small for any of us to tackle. We all roll up our sleeves and share the load to get the job done. And we do it with enthusiasm and without unnecessary drama.

We Care:

We care about the details - in the quality and sustainability of our products and services, and in how we treat our family of crew members and our community of guests.

We Think Big:

We are all constantly striving to be better, it’s been our culture since day one. We’re ambitious with our goals and patient with our progress, all while staying simple in our approach.


All pay is competitive to the industry, with quick raises for great performance and positive attitudes. We offer unique benefits – a Christmas bonus for every employee, interest-free loans, and a cake on your birthday. The free hamburgers are pretty great, too. But most importantly, we offer educational opportunities at every level of our business, so that our crew can succeed with us and in their careers beyond.

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