All your questions, answered.

What’s the beef?

Since 2005, we’re still confident that we have the highest quality burger served out of a drive-thru window. Since the beginning, we’ve served all-natural, never frozen Black Angus beef. It’s 100% hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and vegetarian fed.

What’s a chicken burger?

We only use all-natural, antibiotic free chicken, ground from boneless, skinless white meat chicken breast, with any extra fat trimmed off.

What’s the Veggie Burger?

Our award-winning veggie burger was created just for us by Austin chef Andrew Brooks. We make every patty from scratch, daily, at our central kitchen. Our recipe features brown rice, cream-simmered crimini mushrooms, black beans, oats, two kinds of cheese, fresh-cut parsley, and a special spice blend.

What’s with the fries?

We use only fresh Idaho Burbank potatoes for our fries – there’s no better tasting spud out there. We don’t cut corners like most restaurants, which use frozen, pre-cooked fries, heat lamps, or worse. Fresh, whole potatoes are delivered to our stores, and we prepare every batch as needed, fried in 100% canola oil (which is free of trans fats and hydrogenated oils). Since we do french fries the old-fashioned way, they can come out different depending on where we are in the potato season. Sometimes light, sometimes a little dark, we work throughout the year to keep our product consistent, sometimes adjusting our methods with every batch. What you get from our hard work is a fry the way it was meant to taste – like a real potato.

Do you offer gluten-free buns?

No – Our white and whole wheat buns, specially made just for us, contain gluten. While we’d love to add a gluten-free bun to the menu, we’ve yet to find a product that meets our needs. For one, most quality GF buns require cold storage to keep, and we’ve never used freezers in our kitchens, and don’t plan on it. We can always prepare you a lettuce wrap as a work-around.

Do you have a secret menu?

It’s not really a secret—all our restaurants feature open kitchens, so we can do quite a few things that aren’t listed on the board. For example, onions and jalapenos taste even better when they’re grilled. We’re good at BLT’s. Arnold Palmer’s are a great twist on our fresh-made lemonade and Walters Bay tea, etc.

Do you have a kid’s menu?

We don’t have a separate menu for kids, but our single-patty burgers are a kid-friendly portion, our other items are shareable, and we’re always happy to whip up a grilled cheese.

You don’t serve sweet tea?! This is Texas!

We know, sweet tea flows through every Texan’s veins. Be that as it may, everyone likes their tea sweetened a little different. So, we serve unsweet tea, and offer a variety of sweeteners, including good ole-fashioned sugar, so that every customer can have their’s just the way they like it.

Will you open a P. Terry’s in ______?

We’d love nothing more than to bring a P. Terry’s closer to you! But we are very careful about where and how we grow, to ensure we can continue to provide the high quality food and service that has made us successful. For the next several years, we are focused solely on the Austin-San Antonio-Houston triangle as our targeted area for expansion. If that goes well, we will begin to explore other areas within Texas.

I love P. Terry’s so much I want to own one – how do I do that?

All P. Terry’s locations are independently owned and operated by the original founders – there are no current plans to open the brand to outside ownership. This is a great place to look if we ever change our mind about it.